Examples of Competitive Solutions

Examples of Competitive Solutions

The following examples would be competitive for the Tools Competition because they address a pressing learning goal, have an eye toward continuous improvement, prioritize equity and have the potential to scale.

Writing Dashboard. A team could propose the development of a learning analytics dashboard that allows teachers to track student writing in real time. Via a Google docs plugin, the dashboard would answer questions like: Have students logged in? Are they showing boredom? Have they begun an assignment? Such a project, if effective, could be a win both for teachers trying to work in online and blended settings, and for researchers trying to test and improve strategies to drive more student writing.

Kaggle for Kids. In a world of cancelled assessments, students are struggling to show what they know. A team could propose creating a data science platform that gives students more opportunities to solve real-world problems, develop data science and math skills, and show that they know. Such a platform could serve both the immediate assessment needs, but also serve as a testbed for improvements in challenge-based learning.

Parental Texting Lab. An existing large-scale platform might propose to develop an updatable dataset of texts from parents, both pre-COVID and after. The data would then be made available to the research community to both better understand the needs of parents during COVID-19, and seed an infrastructure for testing what real-world steps drive parental engagement.

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