Learning Engineering

This forum is part of Schmidt Futures' larger initiative to promote learning engineering, which aims to improve educational outcomes by leveraging computing and data to dramatically increase the effectiveness of learning science as a discipline.

How ‘Learning Engineering’ Hopes to Speed Up Education

In the late 1960s, Nobel Prize-winning economist Herbert Simon posed the following thought exercise: Imagine you are an alien from Mars visiting a college on Earth. Read more

Learning Engineering: It’s A Game Changer

In the field of education, learning engineering is new — and potentially revolutionary. Read more

Learning Engineering Is Learning About Learning. We Need That Now More Than Ever.

In the field of education, learning engineering is new — and potentially revolutionary. Read more

The Simon Initiative

CMU education leaders from the Simon Initiative, the School of Computer Science, the CREATE Lab, and the Entertainment Technology Center are engaged in a collaborative effort to provide emergency relief to schools and learners in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more

The Simon Initiative: A Transformation to Learning Engineering

The Learning Engineering approach to instructional design and research

The Simon Approach to Learning Engineering was identified and developed partly as a result of more than a decade of the Open Learning Initiative’s research. Read more

Learning Engineers Inch Toward the Spotlight

Reginald Jackson had worked for three years as an academic technology analyst at the University of Chicago when administrators at Northwestern University. Read more

Hackathon Series Aims to Build Support for ‘Learning Engineering’ Tools

When Carnegie Mellon University officials announced last week that they will open up the source code on their digital tools for improving college teaching. Read more

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